~ The time is now to hold a vision of Love, Peace and Harmony for the planet ~

This coming week is a very special time to honor the life of Mother Earth, as we reach the 50th anniversary of international Earth Day on April 22nd.

I remember as a child going to Earth Day celebrations with my mother, who also had a deep connection to nature. We enjoyed learning more about the earth and feeling the excitement of people rallying together to bring awareness and appreciation of the planet while taking positive actions to better all life here.  And I invite you this upcoming week, to do the same, with a focus on bringing a live legacy of Love, Peace, and Harmony into existence. This is a special time on Mother Earth, an opportunity to uplift her and all who call this home. A time to shine your brightest, to spread love in everything you do, and a time to nourish the planet!  

I am the international coordinator of a global planting initiative of the Love, Peace Harmony Foundation called Plant A Million. This week, you can join us as we present daily experiences that immerse you into the heart of the earth. From nature meditations to botany 101, in understanding the effects of your choices on the earth to the ecological benefits of forest restoration, we will help you live as though Earth Day is every day!

Visit the Love, Peace, Harmony Foundation’s website for Earth Week 2020 and we look forward to celebrating this beautiful planet with you!

Peace, Power and Plants!

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