The Weekly Meditation

Experience the beautiful field of light with the big Compassion Mantra of Guan Yin.

Every Tuesday ~ 9:15-9:45 Eastern Time

Please gather with us to bring love, peace & harmony to each other and all of Mother Earth.

Call in information:

Phone: (267) 807-9598

Participant Code: 223-461-053#

Da Bei Zhou is the “big compassion mantra” of Guan Yin, the Bodhisattva of Compassion and Goddess of Mercy. When Guan Yin was on Mother Earth in far ancient times, she made a commitment to spread the Da Bei Zhou for all her lifetimes. Da Bei Zhou carries Guan Yin’s great compassion to help humanity relieve its suffering. This call, led by Tara Muenz and others, offers the opportunity to simply relax, find more peace, and come into yourself, your center. All are welcome!

How do I connect with the meditation? Simply call into the conference line number 267-807-9598 and then enter the participant code 223-461-053 followed by the # sign!

Will others hear me? No, not unless you choose to speak! There sometimes is sharing before/after the meditation, but this is optional. Most participants choose to mute their line during the meditation until the end (which is helpful to keep the line clear).

What are the benefits of being on the call? Often we hear that participants feel ‘lighter and brighter’ with more peace after being on the meditation. You can come with an intention for anything in your heart or on your mind to uplift or improve including aspects of your health, a relationship, your career, etc. A mantra is really a gathering tool of light that comes to each participant and uplifts them! Light is said to have many benefits and can heal, prevent sickness, purify and rejuvenate the soul, heart, mind, and body, and transform health, relationships, intelligence and every aspect of life.

What is the format of the meditation? There are different leaders for the call but typically at first the call leader welcomes everyone, asks you to mute your line, then suggests getting into a comfortable position whether you lay down or come to a seated position. Take in some good deep breaths and relax at first, coming into the present moment. Then we lead you into an invocation calling in Guan Yin’s soul to be with us. Then there will be a time in silence for you to set your own intentions. You can also ask for the light to support yourself or loved ones (including animal companions), or for those from whom you have permission to ask on their behalf. After the invocation, the call leader will sing the 88-lines of the mantra either once or twice. There are many others singing along, they are just muted to keep a clear line! We will then rest in the light for a few minutes of more silence and then close the meditation with appreciation and optional sharing. 

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