What do we need to really exist here on the planet? What helps you live with more peace and happiness?

A personal, natural progression, has been to have ‘just one’ of everything! What??

If you’ve read my blogs posts, y’all know I receive a lot of guidance from the earth, she’s at the center of my heart. And over time, as i’ve searched for the ‘how’ to become one with all life here, sometimes that really comes in the literal form of ONE in the material world.

It’s not meant to be limiting, but rather, EXPANSIVE. Lightening your load.

And, lightening the load on the resources, the energy consumed, of the Earth.

For me, this really has been perfect. I’m more efficient, have more time for myself, and less things to keep up with!

But what does this mean, again?

For example, I have moved to the use of one cup, plate, knife, spoon, and fork. I have more for when guests come over, but keeping up with just one of each of these, really has been easier for me.

I’m still trying to figure out where else this guidance can support my life (one re-usable pen and pencil, one water bottle, one car, one bike, one computer, one coat), and of course, this doesn’t apply to everything (socks, undies, foods).

But I encourage you to give it a try and see if you can reduce some of the materials in your life to ONE!

P.S. leave a comment below if you’ve done this in your life and how it went and any tips!

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