Not feeling your radiant, high-vibe, peaceful self? Try taking a moment just to be ‘wild and free’ with the earth, what I call for myself, taking a ‘pause with the planet.’

This doesn’t mean disconnecting from what is here, but rather re-connecting, with the frequency of energy on the earth that is useful to you, and connecting with the SELF.

Mother Earth is a powerful force to help you to do this, helping you PAUSE very easily, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME! Taking these pauses, stops the negative momentum inside you and offers a RESET and time to think about what is it that YOU WANT in your momentum, your life. Pausing doesn’t mean you sit in a meditation and be still, you can, but it can also mean MOVING (see my video above for an example and the ‘Advanced Feeding the Need’ section below.


  1. NOTICE the NEED: First, recognizing that you may feel a little off in energy is HUGE to making a shift. This can feel like anger, frustration, overwhelm, blocks in moving forward with a project, sadness. This is not our true nature. Our true nature is in flow, happy, joyful, calm, peaceful, vibrant, and ALIVE!
  2. FEED the NEED: When you’re feeling ‘off’ take a pause, close your eyes, and place your hands over your heart. Smile into your heart as you begin to notice your breath. Breathe in the love from the trees, the wind. Remind yourself you are loved fully for who you are. Think of all the goodness you have in your life, that you still see here on the planet. Do this for as long as you can. You’ll start to feel a calmness come over you and what I sense as a ‘lift’ of the heavy feelings.
  3. *ADVANCED* NEED FEEDING: Sometimes I just can’t sit, but rather, need to MOVE for my Pause on the Planet! Exercise also helps me to reset. So get outside and move that body with Qigong, Yoga, Tennis, Soccer, Running, Biking, Dancing silly, you name it (just a few that speak to me!). One of my FAVORITES is to look up at the sky in my hammock and smile, or stand in the sunshine like my cats often do, and feel that beautiful warmth to the bone. Find what works best for YOU- make a list so you have a ‘go-to’ when the time comes and DO IT! Try out the video above for an example. And please in the comments section what you like you do for your pause on the planet!
  4. CHECK OUT OUR NEW ‘Nurture by Nature’ YouTube CHANNEL and PLEASE ‘LIKE’ and ‘SHARE’! We’ve had a lot of teachers and other educators use the video with their students and it’s a nice break from normal screen time.

The IMPORTANT component in this PAUSE is to do that- PAUSE. Usually, our heart rate is up, we’re not breathing fully, posture is slumped, eating habits may shift to something not so healthy. This pause is a realignment with your POWERFUL and BRIGHT SELF, your TRUE NATURE, so take ENOUGH time to feel this again. You’ll then feel recharged and ready for the BEST NEXT THING!

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