Awareness of the present moment on earth and learning to appreciate her infinite beauty in all forms may lead you to question your daily habits and how all that you do affects the earth. All of our actions, regardless of how significant or insignificant they may seem at face value, are impactful. It is through awareness and appreciation that we come to this realization that all that we do is connected and that we are all in this together.

Here are some things you can do to raise the frequency of humanity on earth and realign our collective human consciousness to reconnect with nature.

Plant a garden.

Thank the earth for your food.

Pick up litter.

Reduce your consumption.

Walk or bike instead of driving.

Know where your food comes from and treat it with respect.

Plant trees….or a forest.

Drive less.

Reduce chemical consumption.

Use less electricity.

Get outside.

Refuse plastic bags.

Buy fewer packaged groceries.

Use your local library.


Phone a friend.


Help others understand the 3A’s.

Realize that energy cannot be created or destroyed and that all of our actions have an impact. What you choose to do does make a difference.

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