Mother Earth's Heart is Beating Within You

The time is NOW, not in the future, to fall in love with the earth.
Become her best friend and you will feel a oneness on the planet like you’ve never felt before.

-Tara Muenz

How to engage in this site


The intention of this site is to help you and everyone and everything here become a lighter and brighter being on the planet. To bring a reciprocity with the earth in a whole way. In this approach, you will experience more joy, health, peace and love.

You can find the messages, tools and techniques in the following ways: 

#1 RESOURCES: visit my blog for postings on topics that may interest you as well as the 3As page (awareness, appreciation,action), which is a great launch point for starting your deeper connections with the earth.

#2: MEDITATIONS: in the form of images, videos, training and classes, you’ll find suggestions for hands-on, mind- on, heart-on interactions with the earth. 

#3: YOU CAN CONNECT WITH ME: I would love to hear from you at any time with how you’re feeling about the site, questions you may have and anything you’d like to share from your heart about the earth.

#4: SHARE: coming soon to this site will be a forum for sharing the insights, experiences with the 3As, and your love and appreciation for the earth.  For now, please join the Facebook group ‘Mother Earth Upliftment Network’ and start shining bright there for the earth!

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