Moving Water

Here I present videos of rivers, oceans, and waterscapes across the planet with the suggestion for you to:

1. Watch, listen and relax

2. Receive messages from the water

3. Offer love and gratitude to the waterway that speaks to you, which will uplift the water!

4. Become more aware of waterways, how they look, sound, and exist.

TIP: Many of these videos are short in duration, feel free to put on repeat and enjoy! The icon on the lower right corner of each video will open full screen mode. To loop the video, simply right click on the video and select the ‘loop’ option.

Soft wave sound from Lake Erie, Ohio
Follow the flow (Pennsylvania, USA)
Feel the bottom layer (Pennsylvania, USA)
Ocean light (New Jersey, USA)
River love (Pennsylvania, USA)
Leaf pack (Pennsylvania, USA)
River light (Pennsylvania, USA)
River rest (Pennsylvania, USA)
Gentle one (Brandywine River – Pennsylvania, USA)

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