In addition to having some physical connection time with the Earth, another must in my life, every day, is to meditate. Below are a few resources on meditations including meditations that I lead, or ones you can drop into on your own, anytime.

The one thing about meditations is I never, ever, come out of the experience and say ‘gosh, I wish I hadn’t done that.’ I ALWAYS enjoy this time and in fact, feel more full of myself:) There are infinite reasons to meditate. Infinite ways to do this. Find what works for you, what speaks to you. I do this to gain clarity and focus, elevate in freedom, re-center, and restore to my brilliant natural self.  To give my appreciation for my life and for this beautiful planet. To feel deeper love, brighter joy, and to become more of who I really am.  

Taste the pear and let me know how it goes!

Landria Onnka Global meditation for a new earth

Love, Peace & Harmony Song

While hiking in the Redwood forests of California, this song was brought to the consciousness of a spiritual healer and teacher Dr.Zhi Gang Sha. The song is like a lullaby and a huge uplifter! It can be sung at any time in your life, while biking, driving, as a meditation, or can be played in your home, an animal shelter, or your office! This song brings a positive frequency and vibration, surrounding you in more love, peace and harmony. The Love, Peace Harmony Foundation a U.S. -based non-profit has a beautiful website with resources, an app for the song, and you can even lead groups to sing this song together for world peace. It is also translated in over 40 languages!

Love, Peace Harmony Foundation Website

Resources page (lyrics in 40+ languages, Mobile App)

Love, Peace & Harmony Song

Love Yourself – Light Music For The Soul

Jesse Elder’s 4 Phase Meditations – meditation begins at 10:21

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