About Tara

Nurturing with Nature in Mind

I am first and foremost, a child of the Earth, and nurturing this relationship is a priority in my life. My best friend growing up was a nearby tributary of the Olentangy River in what is known as Columbus, Ohio. I spoke to the river, listened and paused with the River, and experienced great joy and harmony being in togetherness. I still to this day visit this special place, and it is always in my heart, a part of my soul.

Part of me identifies as a conservation ecologist and community environmental educator, with interests focusing on our relationships not only with, but as a part of the natural world, creating awareness about this relationship and the need for it to be nurtured and cared for as much as possible. It is vital to our health and future existence. I also enjoy empowering individuals to participate in scientific data collection for conservation management decisions and teaching all ages about the Earth, creating meaningful experiences that bring people closer in a more reverent relationship with our planet.

I have an M.S. in Conservation Ecology & Sustainable Development from the University of Georgia’s Odum School of Ecology,  and have enjoyed contributing over 20 years to freshwater research, and environmental education fields. With a focus on freshwater stewardship and sustainability, I currently support individuals on how to consider the Earth’s health in our everyday speech, thoughts, and actions.  I am personally taking steps to live in more harmony with everyone and everything and it’s been a beautiful joruney. I practice a ‘less is best’ way of life and love it!

My interests spread wide from amphibian and reptile conservation, the design of schoolyards for mental wellbeing and watershed health, participatory science, streamside forest protection, pollinator gardens, community outreach, environmental literacy, nature therapy, youth leadership and more.  Check out my CV of what i’ve been up to!

I am deeply committed to uplifting the earth and all life here, so that we and the earth can continue to be in harmony. We are all connected on this path, and I am so honored to be here with you. This website is completely full of inspiration from the Earth, to help us live with great joy, care and kindness with all life.

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