NAture Mindfulness: Awareness, Appreciation, Action

Over the years as I was leading earth relationship-building experiences for groups, a pattern started to present itself and soon became the ‘3A’s’: AWARENESS, APPRECIATION, and ACTION. I now use it as a framework in my life’s work, as guiding principles and approaches for mindfulness and entering into a deeper relationship with the earth. These can be used anywhere: within a training, class, community project, meeting, and in your own journey. 

Throughout this site I’ll give examples of how each is used as a force for positivity on the planet, and below is a short summary of each ‘A.’


This could also be called mindfulness, recognition, understanding, realization, and consciousness about the earth or your place and relationship with the planet. For example, knowing the effects of your actions and choices such as where does your clothing come from and was there a positive effect on the earth through that choice or not? What about your food choice and its effect on the earth’s quality of life? Or how much water and energy do you consume daily? Awareness is a huge topic! 

I know for myself and many in the environmental field, we typically experience an overwhelm of messages coming into our consciousness about the earth’s ecosystems, endangered flora or fauna, polluted air and rivers,  how the earth is suffering and being degraded. This ‘awareness’ can bring heavy feelings such as depression, anger, grief, anxiety and more. Almost to the point where you feel frozen to do anything. There are ways to transform these heavy feelings by using the power of appreciation and action. Check out the page for AWARENESS (insert hyperlink) to see resources I have collated to help you get unstuck or bring ‘ahas’ to make your life a bit simpler with more peace.  


I’ve heard that ‘what you appreciate, appreciates!’ Appreciation in my opinion, goes beyond the give/take of gratitude, and deeper into acknowledging the gift of the planet simply for being, and not because it gives to us. 

This ‘A’ is so powerful and again, starts with you!. As you feel more and more appreciation, it can shift you out of extreme heaviness to help you achieve what I call a ‘light and bright state.’  Examples could be taking the time to acknowledge the gift of your life, that you came from the earth, that a part of your body is functioning perfectly, for the food you eat, the clean air you breathe,or  that you have clean water to drink. The possibilities are limitless and your frequency as well as that of the planet’s will increase if you can step into appreciation more and more. A big part of this ‘A’ is also feeling appreciation for the gift of you being you. Check out the page for AWARENESS (insert hyperlink) to see resources such as meditations and activities you can use personally or within communities. 


Action is really in each of the other two A’s and they create a platform for, and often, inspiration, for taking positive actions for the planet! Actions can be something physical such as planting trees, doing a river cleanup, consuming less packaging, or starting a group within your community rallied around watersheds. Actions can also be thought processes that you shift to a different state.  It is indeed a ripple effect when you simply start the chain of goodness. There is no judgement on a large or big action, and often it is best when it starts with you and inspiring and changing yourself. It has been said that all universes reside within you. So your growing spark, joy, and peace will light the spark for others. Check out the page for ACTION (insert hyperlink) to see resources I have collated for taking positive actions on the planet!

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