In order to appreciate something, we must first be aware of whatever it is we are appreciating. Appreciation will only be truly possible if you are first aware. With an open heart, mind and body, there is beauty everywhere, in all stages of life from birth to death and in both directions infinitely beyond. Becoming aware of this beauty will take time and effort but I assure you it is not difficult once you learn to tune into the correct frequency. As your awareness foundation grows, appreciation will follow without effort.

“We are here to awaken from our illusion of separateness.” 

Thich Naht Hanh

When your awareness kicks in, the natural progression will lead to appreciation and gratitude. You may find new appreciation for your life, your surroundings, your existence, the earth and all of its life forms. Many life forms on earth don’t receive the love, nourishment, light, compassion and upliftment they deserve. 

It is easy to appreciate a perfect sunny day but a little harder to appreciate a cold rainy and windy day. Cute cuddly Koala Bears touch our hearts more than slimy crawling critters. Blizzards that knock out power and delay airlines are frustrating to some and beautiful to others. Yet, they are equally beautiful and necessary for the earth to exist.

Meditating on Earth Appreciation is likely to stir some uncomfortable emotions. But don’t fret, for these too are natural and necessary. In fact it is these deep emotional gyrations that frequently lead to action that ultimately brings upliftment to the earth and all of its life.

Once you are aware enough of the earth to appreciate it, you are ready for action. Action>>>

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