I am the international coordinator for the Plant A Million Initiative of the Love, Peace, Harmony Foundation, and it’s more than just planting!

It’s about growing love in everything you do, feel, see, and hear. Being love in all of your actions. Easy to do, right?

One easy way to literally grow love is to plant. In these times where climate is shifting, forest fires are more prevalent, along with deforestation…


Not only are plants, namely trees, supportive in our watersheds to keep streams shaded, healthy, nourished and cool, they also provide habitat, medicines, oxygen, and are carbon sinks (most of the time!).

Here are a few ways you can get involved, and you can always reach out to me through my contacts page, the Plant A Million website and through the below. And take a look at our new video, created out of love to bring you deeper into Mother Earth’s heart, a place of deep peace and joy!

#1: Donate to the Plant A Million project to plant trees in honor of friends, family members, special days, and to give love and appreciation to Mother Earth!

Through our partnership with One Tree Planted, you can plant trees towards our goal of one million as every $1 USD donated = 1 tree planted! You can also tell us where you would like your trees planted, so if a part of the planet speaks to you heart, please tell us! Here’s the link to donate (search for the Plant A Million Project): https://lovepeaceharmony.org/donate/

#2: Show us where you are Growing Love!

With your hands in a heart shape (or a similar heart!) take an image of where you are growing love either with the plants you are planting, a forest you appreciate and want to share, or where you are planting the seeds of love mentally, emotionally, and from the heart. Be creative! Then post on our social media channels with #GrowLovePlantAMillion

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