As a little girl I often looked to a stream for kinship. My soul always felt at home there, and still does. This stream, a tributary of the Olentangy River in Columbus, Ohio (USA), listened to my heart, shared in the joy of life and provided a space for me to exist as myself with no judgement. A true friend.

Spending time on the Olentangy River with my momma flyfishing (well, we didn’t have hooks on the rods as we just like to cast for the fun of it!)

Did you know you could have a friendship with the earth? All her waters, wind, animals, and plants love to listen, to support and love you. It may not exist as any friendship you have every experienced, and will be one you can have for your entire life.

She will never leave you.

She cares for you.

And you can care for her.

The love is amazing.

You will glow and flourish through this friendship, and so will the earth.

How do you begin? Take time to be with her, talk to her, smile at her, see her healthy and vibrant, tell her you care for her and all life here. Allow her in to show you her love, her joy, her peace. Rest in her heart forever.

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