We are navigating into a greater expansion of light and opportunity right now. I know it may not feel or appear to be a new beginning, but trust that we are being given an incredible opening to birth a new earth that is free from pollution, negative thoughts and actions, one that is full of goodness. Now is the time to clean-up (mentally and physically) and expand into it! So stay in love with your thoughts, actions, feelings, and words. Feel any fear as you need to, but don’t let it rule your heart. Pour love in and let it lead the way. Let go of thought patterns or physical objects or places in your life that do not serve you well or the greater good of humanity. Consider what you, as part of the collective here, brought about this global atmosphere of change. This will help everyone and everything here, especially Mother Earth to bring in the brightest light of existence imaginable.

ACTIVITY: Visualize the New Earth

Now is the opportunity to be in silence, which is where your power resides, and create a new planet. How?

  1. Look at the image below, and smile at the earth.
  2. What is it in your heart that you want to see for the New Earth? Is it a place of pure love, peace, joy? How do you see yourself being here? Healthy or living in illness, light and bright or full of bitterness and fear? It is your choice.

Taking a few minutes to reflect on what you WANT to see here, is part of the creation process. The door is open to do this right NOW and will again, benefit you and the whole planet.

1 thought on “#8: BIRTH OF THE EARTH”

  1. I see cleaner water and air as the silver lining to everything happening right now! Human beings are learning important lessons… Time to slow down and reflect. (April 14th 2020)


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