Do you ever feel depressed, angry, or sad at what you witness on earth? I want to share with you a way to see differently to help you uplift yourself and the earth. It’s something that helps me after many years of struggling with these feelings.

Here are a few examples of scenes from the earth that pull at my heart strings…

An overload of ‘waste’ (and recycling here) on the earth

Pollution of our air
Using precious resources (water) for something I feel is insignificant (clean sidewalks)
More impervious surface, more people, more waste

Clearing of trees for housing, right along a creek that needs forest for protection
Chickens stuffed in small cages, on a semi truck, being transported to a processing factory

WHAT CAN YOU DO? I have had feelings come up of anger, fear, sadness when I see or know of her mistreatment or lack of care. I asked the earth, please show me where the love is here because i’m not seeing or feeling it at this moment. I would cry often and get so angry that something needed to change. I know I needed to change too.

The earth told me that my anger and sadness will not help her, instead send love to these people, animals, rivers, etc., in whatever way you can. Tell them you love them in your heart. See the love and the joy that still exists. 

And then I  heard her tell me, say these three lines when you experience these feelings:

I want to see the love here

I want to feel the love here

I want to be the love

Now look at one of these images again and say these three lines over a few times-how do you feel? Do you see and feel the love that is really present? Love is really everywhere in everything, even in the overwhelming, dark, struggling places. It is there. And it is within all of us. It starts with YOU.

At a later time, these 3 lines then evolved to:

I see the love here

I feel the love here

I am love

Say these phrases whenever you come upon a contrast/struggle/challenge to help transform (not ignore) the emotions, uplift yourself, transform yourself, and even perhaps inspire yourself to take an action to improve the well-being of the planet.

With one earth heart,

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