It’s time to get wise, with water that is, and here’s how!

The soul of water, each molecule, has incredible wisdom to share with us. It is one of the purest examples of an unconditional servant. Think of its life, cycling through many states of consciousness, through our bodies, residing in soil, used, devoted, patient. Water encompasses everything and touches everyone.  It serves without question and without end.

But do we understand the true wisdom we interact with every day? And do we give all that love and devotion back?

This blog will lead to many future entries where I will flow opportunities & exercises in which we honor the sacredness of water and connect with water’s wisdom. Its soul is on a journey and has tasks to fulfill here on mother earth and beyond, and we can assist with these tasks.

These exercises will also open your heart to unconditional service, purify your soul and align you in oneness with Tao.  

It’s all about creating a universal consciousness, and the time to start, is NOW! So let’s go!

The first exercise which I often ask my students to do, is purely observational. So get something to write on (scrap paper is great!) and get ready to think:)

Question & Exercise: How do you use water in your every day? Or how do you observe it being used? Spend your whole day, or take the week to do this and write down all the uses or ways you consume water and interact with it. You will be surprised by this. From rinsing your blender, boiling pasta, brushing teeth, growing your plants, watering your lawn, heating and cooling your home, washing your clothes, kayaking, swimming, sitting by water to relax, and more.

From this initial phase, it led my heart to deeper awareness. Water is also in the food I purchased, the packaging for the food, the growing of the food, in the making of the clothes I wear, the dying of those clothes.  Water is an integral part of ALL the choices I made. In all of my consumption and consciousness. And these choices, have either a positive or negative effect on water. I either leave it happier and healthier or polluted and sick.

When I did this, I couldn’t believe how often AND HOW MUCH water I used.

So be open and be aware as you start this process on your own, and please share below anything that comes to you, to enlighten your soul. You might also receive a teaching from the soul of water as you do this, which is wonderful!

We’ll go over more of the specific uses and interactions in future posts, how we might be more friendly and loving to water, and I hope to create an awareness of how we can all be more WATER WISE.

Infinite Peace and Joy to you! 

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